Zach Barth

Zachtronics: Ten Years of Terrible Games

Zach Barth

Talk: Zachtronics: Ten Years of Terrible Games

Zach Barth designed and developed Infiniminer, Spacechem, TIS-100, Shenzen I/O and other video games in a genre that has become named after him ("Zachlikes"). His company Zachtronics also developed a line of educational games. Zach came to Google to answer questions about how he designs his games, and his opinions about what makes an educational game "fun".

Zach Barth

Zachary "Zach" Barth is an indie video game designer who creates games under the company Zachtronics, which he co-founded. Barth is known for Infiniminer, which created the genre of procedurally generated block-based world deformation and building mechanics later used by games such as Minecraft, as well as creating engineering-based puzzle games

The Game

This game is designed for tablets with a resolution of 1280x800 or greater. If your tablet's resolution is smaller than this, PLEASE TRY THE DEMO FIRST!

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