Whit Mitchell

Working in Sync

Whit Mitchell

Talk: Working in Sync

What do college athletes learn from competing that makes them successful in their careers? How can their lessons be applied to improve your effectiveness as a leader? Working In Sync tells the stories of eleven former Dartmouth crew athletes who went on to lead exceptional lives. They all have one thing in common: each credits part of his success to lessons learned during college crew under coach Whit Mitchell.

Whit Mitchell

Whit Mitchell is an Executive Coach, Team Dynamics expert, author and professional speaker. He is the founder and CEO of Working InSync International. Over the past 30 years, Whit has worked with a extensive variety of individuals and teams to discover and solve obstacles to success.

Working In Sync

Professional success comes through team effort. Finding success in organizations and life is not a solo effort. It's created through working together, working in sync with colleagues, clients, and valued friends or family members. Through this reciprocity, small ideas grow into big plans, local efforts have a global impact, and productive managers become great leaders.

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