Abby Smith Rumsey

When We Are No More: How Digital Memory is Shaping Our Future

Abby Smith Rumsey

Talk: When We Are No More: How Digital Memory is Shaping Our Future

WHEN WE ARE NO MORE explores the extraordinary ability of humans to accumulate and share knowledge across time and space. Rumsey shows how our personal and cultural memories are intimately intertwined; how both are shaped and sometimes controlled by political forces and economic interests; and how our digital abundance makes it harder, not easier, to secure important historical archives for future generations. She explains what each of us can do today to ensure people tomorrow will be able to access records of today.

Abby Smith Rumsey

Abby Smith Rumsey is a writer and historian focusing on the creation, preservation, and use of the cultural record in all media. She has written & lectured widely on digital preservation, online scholarship, the nature of evidence, the changing roles of libraries and archives, intellectual property policies in the digital age, and the impact of new information technologies on perceptions of history & time.

The Book

"If we're thinking 1,000 years, 3,000 years ahead in the future, we have to ask ourselves, how do we preserve all the bits that we need in order to correctly interpret the digital objects we create? We are nonchalantly throwing all of our data into what could become an information black hole without realizing it." --Vint Cerf, Chief Evangelist at Google, at a press conference in February, 2015.

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