Frank Supovitz, Boomer Esiason

What to Do When Things Go Wrong

Frank Supovitz, Boomer Esiason

Talk: What to Do When Things Go Wrong

Watch this conversation with Boomer Esiason, Frank Supovitz, and Adam Wald discussing planning and managing tough situations. Hear stories about the NFL, NHL, Indy 500, and NBC Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade from the teams who put together the events. Learn how to manage difficult situations including what to do when the lights go out at halftime during the Super Bowl! In Frank’s new book "What to Do When Things Go Wrong," Frank, the man who has been behind-the-scenes at major events like the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, and Indy 500 guides you through the process of making sure you handle inevitable problems as if it’s something you do day in and day out. Get the book:

Frank Supovitz

Frank Supovitz has been running some of the world’s most prestigious, widely viewed, and well-attended sports and entertainment events for more than 25 years. As Senior Vice President of Events for the National Football League, he oversaw the meteoric growth of Super Bowl, Pro Bowl, and the NFL Draft. Over the 50-year history of the Super Bowl, he is one of only four people to have held that unique job.

Boomer Esiason

Boomer is a retired NFL quarterback and former color commentator. During his 14-year NFL career he played for the Cincinnati Bengals, New York Jets, and Arizona Cardinals. Since retiring he has worked as a football analyst for ABC, HBO and Westwood One, and currently for CBS Sports on The NFL Today and Showtime's Inside the NFL. He also hosts the morning radio show Boomer and Gio on WFAN in New York.

What to Do When Things Go Wrong: A Five-Step Guide to Planning for and Surviving the Inevitable—And Coming Out Ahead

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