Dean Ornish

Transforming Lives and Healthcare

Dean Ornish

Talk: Transforming Lives and Healthcare

For over 35 years, Dr. Dean Ornish’s series of scientific research studies have been empowering the way millions of people think about the simple lifestyle choices they make each day in dynamic relation to their health & wellbeing. From being a revolutionary thought leader, a powerful professor, a beloved author and respected advisor to some of the worlds most powerful leaders, Dr. Dean Ornish is resoundingly recognized as a leader in health, healthcare and medicine.

Dean Ornish

Dean Ornish, M.D. was the first to prove that lifestyle changes can reverse heart disease, prostate cancer, change gene expression (with Craig Venter), and lengthen telomeres/reverse aging (with Elizabeth Blackburn). Medicare is covering his program. Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCSF, chaired Google Health 2007-9 and was chosen by Forbes as “one of the world’s 7 most powerful teachers.”

The Spectrum: How to Customize a Way of Eating and Living Just Right for You and Your Family

From the author of the landmark bestseller Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease comes an empowering new program that teaches you how to lower high blood pressure, lose weight, lower your cholesterol, or reverse a major disease by customizing a healthy way of eating and living based on your own desires, needs, and genetic predispositions.

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