Scott Daigre


Scott Daigre

Talk: Tomatomania!

Scott Daigre is a farmer, a chef and the author of the book “TOMATOMANIA!”. The book provides a peek into his Ojai, California tomato patch and details a “reality gardening” approach to growing the world’s favorite summer treat. Referred to as “the tomato freak’s Woodstock” by the New York Times, the synonymously titled annual TOMATOMANIA! sale that Scott produces in the spring is the world’s largest tomato seedling sale and has become a tomato lovers’ Mecca.

Scott Daigre

Scott Daigre is an avid gardener, sometimes farmer and enthusiastic landscape designer. He is happiest when showcasing rare and classic tomato varieties as owner and producer of Tomatomania, the world's largest tomato seedling sale.

Tomatomania!: A Fresh Approach to Celebrating Tomatoes in the Garden and in the Kitchen

Every spring, thousands of self-described "'maniacs" gather for a series of multi-day garden events for the largest tomato seedling sale in the nation: Tomatomania! This includes 20 simple and unique recipes to get the most out of your tomato harvest, this comprehensive guide to growing and cooking with tomatoes will turn you into a proud 'maniac!

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