Christopher Tin

To Shiver the Sky

Christopher Tin

Talk: To Shiver the Sky

Two-time Grammy-winning composer Christopher Tin joins us after his conducting debut at Carnegie Hall to talk about his past work and upcoming album. Tin is well known for Baba Yetu and Sogno di Volare, the themes to the video games Civilization IV and Civilization VI. Baba Yetu was immortalized as the first composition written originally for a video game to win a Grammy, and around it, Christopher built his debut album: Calling All Dawns. Now Christopher Tin is releasing his third album, To Shiver the Sky, built around Sogno di Volare and a musical exploration of mankind's conquest of the sky. Check out Christopher's music, upcoming albums, and live performances at:

Christopher Tin

Christopher Tin is an American composer of concert music, film, and video game scores. His work is primarily orchestral and choral, often with a world music influence. He has won two Grammy Awards for his classical crossover album Calling All Dawns. Tin is best known for his choral piece Baba Yetu from the video game Civilization IV, which became the first piece of video game music ever to win a Grammy.

To Shiver The Sky

Christopher is currently working on his third studio album: a musical exploration of mankind's quest to conquer the sky, including a new recording of his theme song to Civilization VI 'Sogno di Volare'. Set to the words of Leonardo da Vinci, Jules Verne, and other great thinkers and dreamers, the album will chart mankind's quest to claim his place in the stars.

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