Rebecca Moore, Randy Sargent

Timelapse on Google Earth Engine Intro

Rebecca Moore, Randy Sargent

Talk: Timelapse on Google Earth Engine Intro

2014 People’s Voice Webby award winner Randy Sargent of Carnegie Mellon University is the architect behind Timelapse, the Earth Engine feature that allows us to watch how the entire globe has change since 1984. Rebecca Moore, Lead on Google’s Earth Engine, joins Randy to talk explain how the began their work together, and how far they’ve come in a short time. Thanks to their work, we are able to see the impact humans have on the world in an entirely new way. About the series: Great things always seem to happen when Academia and Industry come together to share ideas and insights, and at Google we care deeply about maintaining that open dialogue.

Rebecca Moore

Rebecca Moore is an American software engineer, director of Google Earth, and director and founder of the Google Earth Outreach and Google Earth Engine computer mapping projects.

Randy Sargent

Randy Sargent is a Senior Systems Scientist at Carnegie Mellon University and also a visiting scientist at Google.