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Bill Griffin

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Bill Griffin's website Crowdwish sets out to collate (and fulfill in some way) the world's hopes, dreams and desires. Crowdwish actions one wish every 24 hours and has actioned over 1,000 wishes. In his book, The Wish, Bill looks at what it is we think we want and how we might go about achieving it by considering 99 of the most popular wishes made on Crowdwish.

Bill Griffin

Bill started the website Crowdwish in 2014, with the aim of collating the world's hopes, dreams and desires. The site has actioned a wish from a member of the public every 24 hours for over 1,000 days and has followers all over the world.

The Wish: The 99 Things We Think We Want Most

The Wish is funny, upbeat and genuinely helpful - each reader is invited to pick one wish from the book that resonates most with them, and email the author for help in making it happen.

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