Michael Webber

Thirst for Power: Energy, Water and Human Survival

Michael Webber

Talk: Thirst for Power: Energy, Water and Human Survival

Author and award-winning professor Dr. Michael E. Webber, gives an entertaining and fast-paced lecture on the nexus of energy and water, sharing fun facts, historical snippets, and anecdotes from his new book, "Thirst for Power: Energy, Water and Human Survival” ( www.thirstforpower.com ). He helps answer the question "How can we change the way we think about water and energy to secure the long-term sustainability of both precious resources?" Although it is widely understood that energy and water are the world’s two most critical resources, their vital interconnections and vulnerabilities are less often recognized.

Michael Webber

Webber is Deputy Director of the Energy Institute, Co-Director of the Clean Energy Incubator & Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, where he trains the next generation of energy leaders. He was selected as a Fellow of ASME, has authored more than 300 publications, holds 4 patents, and serves on the advisory board for Scientific American.

Thirst for Power

This farsighted book offers a new, holistic way of thinking about energy and water—a big picture approach that reveals the interdependence of the two resources, identifies the seriousness of the challenges, and lays out an optimistic approach with an array of solutions to ensure the continuing sustainability of both.

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