Gregory Mone

The Truth About Santa NYC

Gregory Mone

Talk: The Truth About Santa NYC

"The Truth About Santa: Wormholes, Robots and What Really Happens on Christmas Eve" by Gregory Mone We all know Santa Claus: fat, jolly, omniscient, swift. Lives in a nice home in the Arctic, with the missus and a pack of elves. Well, forget what you know. Santa Claus is from Greenpoint, Brooklyn, as it turns out, and he's not as fat as he used to be. Here's something else you didn't know: he's been dabbling in some futuristic technology, and has found myriad ways to make his job possible.

Gregory Mone

Gregory Mone is the author of the books Fish and Dangerous Waters, along with a few other bound and printed oddities for adults. He is also a science and technology journalist.

The Truth About Santa

In this fantastically illustrated, affectionate, and hilarious book, Gregory Mone uses science and technology to overturn the assumption that Santa can't be real.

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