Katy Pratt, Clayton Pratt

The Touring Tandem

Katy Pratt, Clayton Pratt

Talk: The Touring Tandem

Beginning in July of 2014, the Pratts boldly left their comfort zones and ventured out on an “unthinkable-to-most-people” tandem bike trip around the world. Their teamwork and stamina took them to 28 countries in 280 days, spanning over 10,000 kilometers! Along the way, they were faced with a diversity of physical and emotional challenges (see more on their blog, www.thetouringtandem.com). Now that they’ve settled back in Ann Arbor, Katy is back at Google, Clayton is back in medical school at the University of Michigan. They came into Google to share their amazing story with us.

Katy Pratt

Katy is a Googler and co-author of the Touring Tandem blog.

Clayton Pratt

Clayton is a medical student and co-author of the Touring Tandem blog.