Shaz Kahng

The Superpowers of Ceiling Smashers

Shaz Kahng

Talk: The Superpowers of Ceiling Smashers

Serial CEO and former Nike executive Shaz Kahng shares the Superpowers of Ceiling Smashers. Kahng’s experience working in male-dominated boardrooms enabled her to provide a behind the scenes look at what it really takes for a woman and a person of color to shatter the glass ceiling. Shaz is a visionary leader, a serial CEO of multiple companies where she was able to achieve what was previously thought impossible. Frustrated by the lack of inspirational female business leaders in fiction, Shaz wrote a novel about women succeeding with smarts, scruples, and style. Get the book here: Learn more about the series and Shaz at Moderated by Nadia Gil.

Shaz Kahng

Shaz Kahng is a serial Board Director and CEO with a track record of achieving goals previously thought impossible. Shaz is a scientist, a consulting partner, an ecommerce expert, and a brand and marketing strategist. At Nike she was one of the first women to hold a global P&L. As Lucy Activewear CEO she and her team made the business profitable for the first time in history. She was also CEO of Gymboree.

The Closer

"The Closer is an inspiring and fun take on women in business…" In the first book in her Ceiling Smasher series focusing on positive powerful female leaders, senior executive Shaz Kahng fictionalizes her decades of top business experience to create a thrilling story of the first female CEO in the sports industry

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