Taylor Conroy, Jesse Israel

The Modern Quest for Human Connection

Taylor Conroy, Jesse Israel

Talk: The Modern Quest for Human Connection

Fireside chat with Taylor Conroy, co-founder of Journey (transformational travel company) and Jesse Israel, founder of The Big Quiet (mass meditation events in NYC) and MediClub (Meditation circles in NYC). Both speakers describe their experience on how to travel with purpose, create human connection and mindful communities.

Taylor Conroy

Inspired after a life-altering trip to Kenya, he sold his real estate business to launch Change Heroes, a ground-breaking friend funding platform that has raised well over $1,000,000 to fund 100+ projects, including schools, libraries, scholarships, and anti sex trafficking work in 12 developing countries that will impact over 100,000 people.

Jesse Israel

Jesse Israel started the Medi Club in 2014 to share his love of meditation and bring people together. He realized there was an opportunity to share the values and the experience on a larger scale with the rest of New York, and that’s how The Big Quiet was born. It’s completely non-religious—it’s totally non-denominational. It has a technique for first-timers, but encourage everyone to learn everything.