Marcelo Gleiser

The Island of Knowledge

Marcelo Gleiser

Talk: The Island of Knowledge

In "The Island of Knowledge," he traces our search for answers to some of the most fundamental questions of existence and reaches a provocative conclusion: the main tool we use to find answers – science – is fundamentally limited. Yet recognizing science’s limits, Gleiser argues, is not a deterrent to progress or a surrendering to religion. Instead, it frees us to question the meaning and nature of the universe while affirming the central role of life and ourselves in it.

Marcelo Gleiser

Marcelo Gleiser is Appleton Professor of Natural Philosophy, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Dartmouth College and the author of three previous books, The Dancing Universe, The Prophet and the Astronomer, and A Tear at the Edge of Creation. He has published numerous popular works, including an essay, Emergent Realities in the Cosmos, which was featured in 2003's Best American Science Writing.

The Island of Knowledge: The Limits of Science and the Search for Meaning

As science and its philosophical interpretations advance, we face the unsettling recognition of how much we don't know. Gleiser shows that by abandoning the dualistic model that divides reality into the known and the unknown, we can embark on a third way based on the acceptance of our limitations.

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