Ryan Williams

The Influencer Economy

Ryan Williams

Talk: The Influencer Economy

Ryan explains his step-by-step guide to launching your product in the new economy. He teaches how to build a core community around your idea, collaborate with key influencers to grow your product base, and launch a product that changes the world. For the last three years, Ryan interviewed over 100 influencers who have built ideas online such as: Seth Godin, Brad Feld, Derek Sivers, Troy Carter, Jemele Hill and many others. He teaches readers how to find their big idea, embrace their personality edge, deliver an authentic message, and collaborate their way to a winning product launch.

Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams is a marketing strategist, international speaker and early team member at DigiSynd (acquired by Disney) and Machinima.com (acquired by Warner Bros.). He has given talks and taught at SXSW, Vanderbilt University, City University of London, USC and Loyola Marymount. Ryan's podcast and writing has been featured in Inc. Magazine, Huffington Post, Business Insider, and USA Today

The Influencer Economy: How to Launch Your Idea, Share It with the World, and Thrive in the Digital Age

We're in the midst of a revolution. A new economy has been born. Passionate, inspiring and creative people are launching their careers off content, social media, and digital platforms. Previously unheard voices are becoming mainstream media forces. This revolution has transformed global business across the entire media industry.

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