Rose McDermott

The Genetics of Politics

Rose McDermott

Talk: The Genetics of Politics

"While traditionally social factors have been considered to have primary influence on political behaviors and preferences, more recent research shows that there's also a strong heritable component to ideological attitudes. Rose McDermott, professor of International Relations at Brown University and a 2015-16 CASBS fellow, will discuss her research on the influence of genetic contributions to political and social behavior. McDermott has described her work as intended to offer “…a genuinely interdisciplinary approach to the interaction of psychological processes and political outcomes."

Rose Mcdermott

Rose McDermott is a Professor of International Relations at Brown University and a Fellow in the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Rose is the author of three books and author of over ninety academic articles across a wide variety of disciplines encompassing topics such as experimentation, emotion and decision making, and the biological and genetic bases of political behavior.

Man Is by Nature a Political Animal: Evolution, Biology, and Politics

The diversity of methods discussed and variety of issues examined here will make this book of great interest to students and scholars seeking a comprehensive overview of this emerging approach to the study of politics and behavior.

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