Naren Shankar, Mark Fergus

The Expanse Showrunners

Naren Shankar, Mark Fergus

Talk: The Expanse Showrunners

Naren Shankar and Mark Fergus, showrunners for the new Syfy series “The Expanse” join Nick Farmer at Google ( Naren Shankar is a writer, producer and director of several television series, including CSI and Almost Human. Mark Fergus, is a screenwriter best known for his work with Hawk Ostby on Children of Men and Iron Man. Nick Farmer is creator of the Belter creole for The Expanse ( The Expanse Syfy TV series is based on the best selling novel series by James S.A. Corey (

Naren Shankar

is an Indian American writer, producer & director of several television series. He served as co-showrunner on the long-running CBS crime drama CSI and Almost Human, among others. As a writer & producer, Shankar has contributed with works for Farscape, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Night Visions, The Outer Limits, The Chronicle, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, seaQuest 2032, Grimm and Star Trek: Voyager.

Mark Fergus

Mark Fergus is a writer and producer, known for Iron Man (2008), Cowboys & Aliens (2011) and Children of Men (2006).