Ibrahima Barry, Abdoulaye Barry

The ADLaM Story: The Alphabet for Our People

Ibrahima Barry, Abdoulaye Barry

Talk: The ADLaM Story: The Alphabet for Our People

Brothers Ibrahima and Abdoulaye Barry from Guinea in West Africa come to Google to talk about their new script. They are the creators of the ADLaM alphabet for the Fulani and other African languages. They currently live in Portland, Oregon and are members of the Winden Jangen Organization for the promotion of ADLaM and also the North American Fulani and Friends Association (NAFFA).

Ibrahima Barry

Ibrahima Barry holds BS in Civil Engineering and Mathematics from Portland State University and has worked as a teaching assistant for the University of Conakry and currently works for the United States Postal Service. He also works on the ADLaM alphabet, perfecting its style and design. He has written many books including a comprehensive grammar and orthography book for the Fulani language.

Abdoulaye Barry

Abdoulaye Barry has a BS in Financial Management from the University of Conakry and MS in Financial Analysis from Portland State University. He is passionate about education and development issues in Guinea and how they relate to language. He is also doing research on the different Fulani dialects and has written or translated books on grammar, religion, short stories and current topics.