Michael Passmore, Bill Ngo

Sustainable Seafood

Michael Passmore, Bill Ngo

Talk: Sustainable Seafood

Michael Passmore and Bill Ngo are a dynamic team in Sacramento, California, the emerging leader in all things farm-to-fork. Working together over the past decade, their dedication to elevating food and dishes have taken them around the world to explore different cuisines. Michael shares all the ins and outs about running and working on a freshwater, sustainable fish ranch in California, during a Q&A session with our moderator Jenna Taylor. Then Chef Billy Ngo demos a poke bowl recipe using fresh fish from the ranch, as he and Michael continue to answer Googlers' questions.

Michael Passmore

When he launched the ranch, Michael became one of the few people in California selling live fish at farmers markets, and his plan was to continually expand that business. But by 2010, some of the top chefs in Sacramento were asking for his fish, and Michael adapted business plan and his ranch to what it is now, a premium freshwater, sustainable fish ranch in California serving professional and home chefs.

Bill Ngo

Chef Bill Ngo is the owner of Fish Face Poke Bar and Kru.