Rose McAleese

Strong. Female. Character.

Rose McAleese

Talk: Strong. Female. Character.

Rose McAleese is a poet and a filmmaker who was born on Halloween night in Seattle, where she was delivered by a doctor in a giant spider costume, which, so far, has pretty much set the tone for the rest of her life. She began writing poetry before she actually knew how to write, filling dozens of notebooks with her indecipherable scrawl.

Rose Mcaleese

Rose McAleese works as a freelance writer, editor and director in her hometown of Seattle. In her spare time, she occupies herself by considering her next move and working on her tan. Neither project seems to be working out as planned.

Strong. Female. Character

The Irish aren't the only poets; just the only poets who matter. Fortunately, the Irish attitude comes in all colors, sizes, genders and nationalities. While carrying the entire spectrum of a hundred turbulent peoples draped across the bones of her verse, Rose McAleese remains neither intimidated nor embittered by her plunge into constant future unknowns.

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