Ian Owens, Vince Smith

Species to Pixels

Ian Owens, Vince Smith

Talk: Species to Pixels

London’s Natural History Museum is one of the most famous museums in the world - and one of the Google Cultural Institute’s newest flagship partners. Talks at Google is delighted to welcome Dr. Ian Owens, Director of Science, and Dr. Vince Smith, Research Leader, of the NHM in London to our offices. Recorded November 2016 In collaboration with the Google Cultural Institute, Matt Brittin hosted this panel discussion with the two leading NHM scientists to discuss scientific research at the Museum, and its ongoing work and plans for digitisation and machine learning.

Ian Owens

Professor Ian Owens was appointed as Director of Science at the Natural History Museum, London, in October 2011. He joined the museum from Imperial College London, where he was head of the Department of Life Sciences. He has previously worked at the Institute of Zoology, London, and at the University of Queensland, Australia.

Vince Smith

Vince Smith is a research leader in informatics and head of the Informatics Division at the Natural History Museum, London, where he applies digital technologies to the study of taxonomy and biodiversity. He leads the Museum’s informatics initiative, building the NHM Data Portal and is at the forefront of developing new approaches to the mass digitisation of the museum’s 80 million specimens.