Mark Binelli

Screamin' Jay Hawkin's All-Time Greatest Hits

Mark Binelli

Talk: Screamin' Jay Hawkin's All-Time Greatest Hits

The R&B wildman Screamin' Jay Hawkins only had a single hit, the classic "I Put a Spell On You," and was often written off as a novelty act -- or worse, an offense to his race -- but his myth-making was legendary. Mark Binelli embraces the man and legend to create a fantastical portrait of this unlikeliest of protagonists. At Rolling Stone, Binelli has profiled some of the greatest musicians of our time, and this novel plays with the focus on "authenticity" in much music writing about African-Americans. Binelli is the author of Detroit City Is the Place to Be and Sacco and Vanzetti Must Die! as well as contributing editor at Rolling Stone and Men's Journal.

Mark Binelli

Mark Binelli grew up in Detroit. He graduated from the University of Michigan and received an MFA from Columbia University. He writes for Rolling Stone magazine. He is the author of the novel Sacco and Vanzetti Must Die!

Screamin' Jay Hawkins' All-Time Greatest Hits: A Novel

Mark Binelli turns his sharp, forceful prose to fiction, in an inventive retelling of the outrageous life of Screamin' Jay Hawkins, a bluesman with one hit and a string of inflammatory guises.

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