Bob Sutton, Huggy Rao

Scaling Up Excellence

Bob Sutton, Huggy Rao

Talk: Scaling Up Excellence

Stanford GSB Professors Bob Sutton and Huggy Rao come to Google to discuss their latest book with Prasad Setty. Scaling Up Excellence is the first major business book devoted to this universal and vexing challenge. It is destined to become the standard bearer in the field.

Bob Sutton

Robert I. Sutton is Professor of Management science at the Stanford Engineering School and researcher in the field of Evidence-based management. Sutton is also a best-selling author and speaker.

Huggy Rao

Professor Rao studies collective action within organizations and in markets. His research and by implication, his teaching, revolves around scaling up mobilization, innovation, and talent in organizations. Professor Rao teaches courses on Scaling up Excellence, HR for Startups, and Launch to Liquidity - a course he coteaches with Professors Levav and Rauh.

Scaling up Excellence

They unpack the principles that help to cascade excellence throughout an organization, as well as show how to eliminate destructive beliefs and behaviors that will hold them back.

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