Paul Mason

PostCapitalism: A Guide to Our Future

Paul Mason

Talk: PostCapitalism: A Guide to Our Future

Economics journalist Paul Mason criticizes the ideas of neoliberalism and asks if capitalism can survive or if there are limits to it. While it has survived so far by renewing itself roughly every 50 years by disruptions like the railways, Mason argues that this type of reinvigoration fails to work in the future: The most valuable goods are increasingly information, which can be multiplied with almost no effort - and that might put the whole idea of capitalism at risk...

Paul Mason

Paul Mason is an English journalist and broadcaster. He was Culture and Digital Editor of Channel 4 News, becoming the programme's Economics Editor on 1 June 2014, a post he formerly held on BBC2's Newsnight programme.

The Book

In this bold and prophetic book, Mason shows how, from the ashes of the crisis, we have the chance to create a more socially just and sustainable economy. Although the dangers ahead are profound, he argues that there is cause for hope. This is the first time in human history in which, equipped with an understanding of what is happening around us, we can predict and shape the future.

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