Rafael Calvo

Positive Computing

Rafael Calvo

Talk: Positive Computing

Digital technologies have made their way into all aspects of our lives that, according to psychology, influence our wellbeing -- everything from social relationships and curiosity to engagement and learning. By bringing together research and methodologies well-established in psychology, education, neuroscience and human-computer interaction, we can begin to cultivate a new field dedicated to the design and development of technology that supports wellbeing and human potential. In this talk, Professor Calvo will present an introduction to Human-Computer interaction work aiming to support psychological well-being.

Rafael Calvo

Rafael A. Calvo is Associate Professor of Software Engineering and Director of the Positive Computing Lab at the University of Sydney.

Positive Computing: Technology for Wellbeing and Human Potential

In this book, Rafael Calvo and Dorian Peters investigate what they term "positive computing" -- the design and development of technology to support psychological well-being and human potential.

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