Peter Adamson

Philosophy in the Islamic World

Peter Adamson

Talk: Philosophy in the Islamic World

Talks at Google welcomed Professor Peter Adamson to talk about the Philosophy in the Islamic World. In the history of philosophy, few topics are so relevant to today's cultural and political landscape as philosophy in the Islamic world. In this talk, Adamson explores the history of philosophy among Muslims, Jews, and Christians living in Islamic lands, citing a diverse range of philosophers from hundreds of years, and discusses the relation of Kalam, the islamic theology, to modern philosophical studies.

Peter Adamson

Peter Adamson is Professor of Philosophy King's College London and LMU Munich, whose primary areas of interest are late ancient philosophy and Arabic philosophy. In addition to his research he is the host of now more than 300 episodes of the highly popular "History of Philosophy" podcast.

Philosophy in the Islamic World: A Very Short Introduction

Drawing on the most recent research in the field, this book challenges the assumption of the cultural decline of philosophy and science in the Islamic world by demonstrating its rich heritage and overlap with other faiths and philosophies.

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