Al Pittampalli


Al Pittampalli

Talk: Persuadable

Al Pittampalli comes to Google to talk about his book, "Persuadable." In "Persuadable", Pittampalli doesn’t just explain why you should be persuadable. Distilling cutting edge research from cognitive and social psychology, he shows you precisely how. This talk is full of with actionable advice and is an invaluable guide for today’s data-driven, results-oriented leader.

Al Pittampalli

Al Pittampalli is the author of Read This Before Our Next Meeting, a manifesto for transforming the way organizations hold meetings. As a business consultant, Al has helped organizations like NASA, Boeing, Hertz, and Nokia adapt to a fast-changing world. He is a former IT advisor at Ernst & Young LLP and lives in New York City.

Persuadable: How Great Leaders Change Their Minds to Change the World

Drawing on evidence from social science, history, politics, and more, business consultant Al Pittampalli reveals why confidence, consistency, and conviction, are increasingly becoming liabilities—while humility, inconsistency, and radical open-mindedness are powerful leadership assets.

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