Gloria Moskowitz-Sweet, Erica Pelavin

Parenting the Always-On Generation

Gloria Moskowitz-Sweet, Erica Pelavin

Talk: Parenting the Always-On Generation

Children are being exposed to technology at younger ages than ever before. This is a time when perspective taking and empathy are growing and can be nurtured. As we move from being managers to consultants for our teens, staying actively involved is crucial to raising ethical and responsible digital citizens. This talk will look at the issues children experience today, including emotional responses to social media, and how to manage online reputations for college, work, and beyond.

Gloria Moskowitz-Sweet

Gloria Moskowitz-Sweet has been a school social worker, educator, program developer, and university lecturer since 1981. She was the coordinator of Parents Place Community Education and Bullying Prevention Center on the Peninsula for five years and a lecturer in the graduate program of social work at San Jose State University for 20 years.

Erica Pelavin

Erica is a family psychologist with over 20 years’ experience. She has been trained and certified to teach the Committee for Children's 'Steps to Respect' and 'Second Step Bullying Prevention' curricula to teachers, administrators and youth. In addition to her counseling work with adolescents, she facilitates both parenting and teacher seminars in media literacy and 21st Century Learning Skills.