Jaykumar Menon

Open Source Pharma and Respiratory Pandemics

Jaykumar Menon

Talk: Open Source Pharma and Respiratory Pandemics

Jaykumar Menon is an international human rights lawyer, scholar, and social entrepreneur. He is currently a Senior Fellow at the Harvard Global Health Institute, a visiting scientist at the Harvard School of Public Health, and a Research Fellow at the Centre for International Sustainable Development Law. His research, teachings and practice focus on innovative approaches to realizing basic human rights for a billion or more people. He is also a founder of The India Nutrition Initiative, which is developing salt double-fortified with iron and iodine, to help address the world's most widespread form of malnutrition, iron deficiency, which afflicts 2 billion people, disproportionately women and children. #opensourcepharma #jaykumarmenon

Jaykumar Menon

Jaykumar Menon, founder and chair of the Open Source Pharma Foundation, discusses how the foundation aims to generate affordable new cures in areas of great health need and to create an open source ecosystem for drug discovery. He focuses on open innovation in the pharma space, and the respiratory pandemic response using these findings.

Open Source Pharma Foundation

The Open Source Pharma Foundation is a global non-profit organization with centers in Bangalore, Paris, and New York. We seek to discover new drugs, and a new way to discover drugs. Our aim is to develop affordable new therapies in areas of great health need, by using open source principles derived from the software industry.

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