Candice Hoyes

On a Turquoise Cloud

Candice Hoyes

Talk: On a Turquoise Cloud

Hear jazz singer Candice Hoyes speak about and perform beautiful genre-bending works by Duke Ellington from her album On a Turquoise Cloud. Many of the intricate compositions on the recording, written specifically for classically-trained singers, were overshadowed by Ellington's more mainstream melodies. Hoyes spent months researching the rarer compositions, including time at the Duke Ellington Collection of the Smithsonian’s Archives Center in Washington, D.C. The album is "a labor of love" that sheds well-deserved light on lesser-known material. The performance features: Adam Birnbaum on piano Yasushi Nakamura on bass Jake Goldbas on drums and Special Guest, Vincent Gardner on trombone

Candice Hoyes

Candice is a debut recording artist who draws deeply from the jazz and classical traditions with a clarity that is rare among today’s vocalists. With a voice that Jazziz Magazine calls “bluesy yet sublime,” Candice sings with commanding presence and an intimate familiarity with the musical icons who precede her. Her recent debut album “On a Turquoise Cloud” reached #10 on the American jazz charts.

The Album

On a Turquoise Cloud marks the alluring debut album of American jazz vocalist Candice Hoyes. Currently #10 on the American Jazz Charts, On a Turquoise Cloud interprets rare songs virtually unrecorded since Ellington’s own recordings. Produced by two-time GRAMMY® award winner Ulysses Owens, Jr., the album has garnered critical acclaim for both Hoyes and her exceptional octet.

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