Gunnar Karl Gíslason


Gunnar Karl Gíslason

Talk: North

Iceland is known for being one of the most beautiful and untouched places on earth, and a burgeoning destination for travelers lured by its striking landscapes and vibrant culture. Iceland is also home to an utterly unique and captivating food scene, characterized by its distinctive indigenous ingredients, traditional farmers and artisanal producers, and wildly creative chefs and restaurants.

Gunnar Karl Gíslason

When Iceland was on the brink, then in the hole, and now slowly recovering from the 2008 economic collapse, Gunnar Karl Gíslason had the audacity to keep cooking. He found his way to food, first by working as a dishwasher and then moving onto the kitchen at Fiðlarinn, a restaurant in his hometown of Akureyri. Gíslason later attended culinary school in Reykjavík.

North: The New Nordic Cuisine of Iceland

North is Gíslason’s wonderfully personal debut: equal parts recipe book and culinary odyssey, it offers an unparalleled look into a star chef’s creative process. But more than just a collection of recipes, North is also a celebration of Iceland itself—the inspiring traditions, stories, and people who make the island nation unlike any other place in the world.

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