Anne Yoder

Madagascar’s mouse lemurs and speciation, climate change, & (possibly) Alzheimer's

Anne Yoder

Talk: Madagascar’s mouse lemurs and speciation, climate change, & (possibly) Alzheimer's

Dr. Anne Yoder, Director of the Duke Lemur Center in Durham, NC, presents a talk on Madagascar’s mouse lemurs. This talk focuses on the integrative approach that Yoder takes to understanding the biological history of Madagascar through the lens of lemur evolution. As Director of the Duke Lemur Center, she has been working to communicate the appeal of mouse lemurs (and their lemur kin) for a broad spectrum of basic science disciplines including aging, cognition, and specifically, Alzheimer’s disease. She has recently discovered the power of Google Earth for informing her studies of forest corridors.

Anne Yoder

Anne Daphne Yoder is an American biologist, researcher, and professor in the Department of Biology at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, United States. Yoder's work includes the study, preservation, and conservation of the multifarious biodiversity found in Madagascar. One of her main research topics focuses on the diverse lemur population found on the island.

Duke Lemur Center

The Duke Lemur Center through its living laboratory advances science, scholarship, and biological conservation through interdisciplinary research on lemurs. By engaging scientists, students and the public in new discoveries and global awareness, the Center promotes a deeper appreciation of biodiversity and an understanding of the power of scientific discovery.

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