Zia Ahmed

Lyft Me Up: Capturing the Culture of San Francisco

Zia Ahmed

Talk: Lyft Me Up: Capturing the Culture of San Francisco

For some, Lyft is a means of transportation; for Zia Ahmed, it is an atlas of San Francisco. After leaving his job in technology at a start-up, Zia became a Lyft driver. Zipping around the city in his Camry, he gave passengers in his Toyota Camry a leather-bound notebook, a pen, and one request: to leave a note to the following rider. Thousands complied, and the result is "Lyft Me Up"–a curated compilation of drawings, poems, quips, sayings, and riddles from hundreds of passengers. The amalgamation of these snippets became more than a journal but a glimpse into the soul of the City itself. The notes from riders explore sex, mortality, friendship, and the rapidly-changing cityscape of San Francisco.

Zia Ahmed

Zia Ahmed is a compiler and producer.

Lyft Me Up Sanfrancisco

While driving for Lyft in San Francisco, I ask my current passenger to leave my next passenger a message. This is a compilation of those messages.

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