William Green

Lessons From the Great Minds of Investing

William Green

Talk: Lessons From the Great Minds of Investing

William Green, author of the highly rated book "The Great Minds of Investing", will speak about the most important lessons he has learned in two decades of studying, interviewing, and writing about many of the world's best investors. He will discuss how you can become more successful — both as an investor and in other areas of life — by reverse-engineering the greatest investors and figuring out how they stack the odds of success in their favor. The goal: to become richer, wiser, and happier.

William Green

William has written for many publications, including Time, The New Yorker, Fortune, Forbes, Barron's, Money, Worth, Bloomberg Markets, and The Economist. He was the Editor of the European, Middle Eastern, African, and Asian editions of Time. As a co-author, he worked closely with Guy Spier, helping him to write his memoir, The Education of a Value Investor.

The Great Minds of Investing

"This unique book provides a rich array of perspectives on many of the preeminent investors of our time. It features 33 portraits by Michael O'Brien, whose iconic photographs have appeared everywhere from major magazines to museums. Over five years, O'Brien traveled the world to produce the remarkable intimate portraits in this book..."

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