Gregory Kramer

Insight Dialogue: The Interpersonal Path to Freedom

Gregory Kramer

Talk: Insight Dialogue: The Interpersonal Path to Freedom

Insight Dialogue is an interpersonal meditation practice. It brings the mindfulness and tranquility of silent meditation directly into our experience with other people. As humans, we are relational beings; as we begin to wake up, clarity and freedom can illuminate our relationships with others. Insight Dialogue draws from traditional Buddhist wisdom, but it is not a Buddhist practice in the religious sense. There is nothing about the practice that would preclude people of any faith or belief system from participating. In Insight Dialogue, we come face-to-face with core human experiences. Insight Dialogue provides a way to do that: an interpersonal form of practice.

Gregory Kramer

Gregory Kramer, cofounder and president of the Metta Foundation in Portland, Oregon, has been teaching Insight Meditation since 1980. He developed the practice of Insight Dialogue and has been teaching it since 1995, offering retreats in North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia.


Metta Programs is a global community dedicated to awakening together. Our vision is for the benefits of relational Dhamma to be shared and made available for the world.

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