Pejman Nozad, Mar Hershenson

Immigrants with Big Ideas

Pejman Nozad, Mar Hershenson

Talk: Immigrants with Big Ideas

Pejman Nozad and Mar Hershenson are the founders of Pear, a venture capital firm specializing in early stage investments. They’ve invested together in over 30 startups, including DoorDash, Guardant Health, Branch, and Gusto. As two of the most respected venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, Pejman and Mar form a powerful team. Pejman and Mar visit the Mountain View office to share their personal stories and talk about how their experience immigrating to the US and starting out in a new country has shaped the way they approach partnering with people and making business decisions.

Pejman Nozad

Perhaps tech's most unlikely venture capitalist, Pejman immigrated to the U.S. from Iran and initially worked in low paying roles at a car wash, a yogurt shop, and a rug store. Now, he has helped to establish a venture capital firm that has invested in startups valued at hundreds of millions of dollars, across a wide variety of industries, including DoorDash, Branch, and Guardant Health.

Mar Hershenson

Mar Hershenson is a woman whose passion for startups, change, and growth is possibly second only to her favorite soccer team, Barcelona, and is the Founding and Managing Partner of Pear VC and one of the leading women in venture capital in the Bay Area. With a strong background in design, automation, and electrical engineering, Mar brings significant operational and technical expertise to her fund.