Andrew Steinthal, Chris Stang

Immaculate Infatuation

Andrew Steinthal, Chris Stang

Talk: Immaculate Infatuation

Immaculate Infatuation is an unapologetic, unpretentious dining website run by two guys who love food, have an opinion, and also have day jobs at Warner Music Group. The music industry is a social business and Chris Stang and Andrew Steinthal are out and about all the time; whether it's going to shows or taking artists out to eat. Or as they put it "We're not real food critics, but we know restaurants. We're those trusted friends you turn to when you need a good recommendation for a "First/Early in the Game Date", "Girls Night Out," or some "Action at the Bar."

Andrew Steinthal

Andrew Steinthal likes cereal, ice cream, and sneakers way more than the average person. Talk to him about Infatuation brand partnerships, the Knicks, and his favorite wings of all time at Candlelight Inn.

Chris Stang

Chris Stang runs The Infatuation full time, spending most of his time writing, and coming up with names for the Golden Retriever he doesn’t have. Stang was recently nominated for a James Beard Award for his very real review of the very fake restaurant, Underfinger, which he someday hopes to bring to life as a food-themed amusement park in rural Scandinavia.