Saad Khan, Rahul Gairola

Hide and Seek

Saad Khan, Rahul Gairola

Talk: Hide and Seek

In the Q&A, Dr. Rahul Gairola and Saad Khan talk about sexuality and gender in post-colonial South Asia in light of Chuppan Chupai's subjects. A discourse on Article 377 i.e. The Anti Homosexuality law in India and Pakistan originally introduced in 1860 under the colonial rule of the British Raj. Mr. Khan also discusses the problems faced in making both his documentaries and the process of guerilla filmmaking in Pakistan.

Saad Khan

Saad Khan is an Independent documentary filmmaker. His first film Chuppan Chupai | Hide and Seek follows lives of four transgender and gay Pakistanis. His second documentary Zunn: showgirls of Pakistan deals with dancing girls, seedy theaters and low-brow entertainment in villages and towns of Pakistan.

Rahul Gairola

Dr. Rahul K. Gairola (PhD in English Literature and Theory & Criticism at the University of Washington, Seattle) specializes in postcolonial, diaspora, and transnational studies; critical theory; South Asian studies; comparative American studies; digital cultural studies; and women’s, gender, and sexuality studies.