Diane Solinger, Rod Brooks, Eddy Morales, Kathy Jackson

GooglersGive Stop Hunger Kickoff

Diane Solinger, Rod Brooks, Eddy Morales, Kathy Jackson

Talk: GooglersGive Stop Hunger Kickoff

October 16th is World Food Day, a day of action against hunger. It’s a day to declare that the only acceptable level of hunger in the world is zero. On October 16, people show their commitment for ending hunger through outreach events, communications campaigns and service. The GooglersGive team hosted a panel discussion with hunger experts and advocates (including CEO of Stop Hunger Now and CEO of Second Harvest) to address global hunger, hunger relief efforts and how we can help by working and collaborating together.

Diane Solinger

Diane Solinger manages the GooglerGive team, which is on the mission to inspire and enable Googlers (Google employees) to make an extraordinary impact on themselves and the world through philanthropic actions such as charitable giving and volunteering. She spent over 25 years in the nonprofit sector ranging in roles from fundraising/development, community development and executive director roles.

Rod Brooks

Rod Brooks spent 16 years developing Exploris, a museum dedicated to educating people about the connection between cultures, people and current events around the globe. When a tsunami struck Southeast Asia in 2004, the museum invited organizations into the museum to raise money and awareness for the disaster relief effort. Brooks met Ray Buchanan, founder of Stop Hunger Now, and his life and work changed.

Eddy Morales

Eddy Morales has a degree in Social Management, Education, and Business that prepared him to invest his talents in improving life of his fellow Nicaraguans. His vast work experience includes serving as a consultant to the United Nations World Food Programme. Three pillars of strength in Eddy’s life are his faith in Jesus, his wife Claudia, and their son Mattias.

Kathy Jackson

Kathy Jackson joined Second Harvest Food Bank as Chief Executive Officer in 2009. In the face of community need, she has overseen a more than 50% increase in the number of clients served and food distributed monthly by the Food Bank. Kathy was named "Woman of Influence" by the Silicon Valley Business Journal in 2010 and serves on the boards of the California Association of Food Banks and Feeding America.