Tony Kauffmann, Shayne McQuade

Get Your Energy Direct From The Source

Tony Kauffmann, Shayne McQuade

Talk: Get Your Energy Direct From The Source

Voltaic Systems is a Brooklyn based provider of accessorized Solar Panels and of panels themselves for the DIY community. Shayne and Tony are the CEO and Product Development Engineer at Voltaic and are making Photovoltaics ubiquitous and useful. Photovoltaics cells convert light directly to electricity - The efficiency and flexibility of photovoltaics are improving to the point where you can now charge your tablet from solar cells built into your shoulder bag. Tony and Shayne discuss the state of the technology and the social and practical aspects of achieving widespread adoption of this technology.

Tony Kauffmann

Tony Kauffmann is a product development engineer at Voltaic Systems

Shayne Mcquade

Shayne McQuade is currently CEO of sustainable products company, Voltaic Systems Inc. He has founded, operated and sold various entrepreneurial ventures mainly internet or environmental companies.