Roy Boney Jr., Jeff Edwards

From Talking Leaves to Pixels: Cherokee, a Case Study

Roy Boney Jr., Jeff Edwards

Talk: From Talking Leaves to Pixels: Cherokee, a Case Study

The Cherokee syllabary has a unique history among the world's writing systems. It evolved from handwritten forms to the printing press to typewriters all the way to text messaging. The Cherokees' adoption of technology has led to productive partnerships with the technology industry, including Google. This talk reviews the evolution of the syllabary & how technology had helped revitalize a Native American language.

Roy Boney Jr.

Roy Boney, Jr. is a full blood Cherokee comic artist, fine artist, computer animator and language preservationist from Locust Grove, Oklahoma, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, and a hereditary member of the Deer Clan.

Jeff Edwards

Jeff Edwards is an award winning Cherokee Graphic Artist who has worked for the Cherokee Nation for over 11 years. He is a language activist working with Education Services Language Technology Group and has worked on numerous projects that have projected the Cherokee language into the global spotlight.