Al Worden

Falling to Earth

Al Worden

Talk: Falling to Earth

As command module pilot for the Apollo 15 mission to the moon in 1971, Al Worden flew on what is widely regarded as the greatest exploration mission that humans have ever attempted. He spent six days orbiting the moon, including three days completely alone, the most isolated human in existence. Nine months after his return from the moon, Worden received a phone call telling him he was fired and ordering him out of his office by the end of the week. He refused to leave. Worden has never before told the full story around the dramatic events that shook NASA and ended his spaceflight career.

Al Worden

Al Worden was the Command Module Pilot for Apollo 15 in 1971. He was a member of the Astronaut Support Crew for Apollo 9, and he was the backup Command Module Pilot for Apollo 13. After retiring from NASA, he became President of Maris Worden Aerospace. Until 2011, he was Chairman of the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation.

The Book

It's an unprecedentedly candid account of what it was like to be an Apollo astronaut, with all its glory but also its pitfalls.

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