Karen Krasne

Extraordinary Cakes

Karen Krasne

Talk: Extraordinary Cakes

Karen Krasne, Owner and Executive Chef of Extraordinary Desserts, visited Google to talk about her book "Extraordinary Cakes" and demonstrates how to make bread pudding in this demo.

Karen Krasne

Executive Pastry Chef/Owner, Karen Krasne is a San Diego native, has studied pastry-making at the Cordon Bleu and returns to France regularly to train with the masters at LeNotre and Bellouet Conseil. Combined with classical training, her trips to exotic places are what truly inspire the creativity of her desserts.

Extraordinary Cakes: Recipes for Bold and Sophisticated Desserts

Karen Krasne, the “Queen of Cakes” according to Gourmet magazine, brings a fresh and contemporary sensibility to special-occasion cakes. Instead of the conventional fondant and gum paste, she relies on natural frostings based on chocolate, cream, or butter (which are also easier to make).

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