Daniel Humm, Will Guidara

Eleven Madison Park

Daniel Humm, Will Guidara

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Eleven Madison Park is one of New York City's most popular fine-dining establishments, and one of only a handful to receive four stars from the New York Times. Under the leadership of Executive Chef Daniel Humm and General Manager Will Guidara since 2006, the restaurant has soared to new heights and has become one of the premier dining destinations in the world.

Daniel Humm

Daniel Humm is a Swiss chef and restaurant owner; he is chef/co-owner of Eleven Madison Park and The NoMad in New York City, the former a recipient of three Michelin stars.

Will Guidara

William "Will" Guidara is a restaurateur based in New York City. Along with chef Daniel Humm, Guidara is co-owner of the hospitality group Made Nice, established in 2011, which owns and operates Eleven Madison Park, The NoMad, and The NoMad Bar.