Alon Halevy, Chet Haase

Donuts & Coffee

Alon Halevy, Chet Haase

Talk: Donuts & Coffee

Google authors Alon Halevy and Chet Haase speak about their books, "The Infinite Emotions of Coffee" and "Round and Holy". They discuss the process and details of writing and self-publishing. They also talk about coffee. And donuts.

Alon Halevy

Alon Yitzchack Halevy is an Israeli-American computer scientist and a leading researcher in the area of data integration.

Chet Haase

Chet Haase was a client architect in the Java SE group at Sun Microsystems. Passionate about graphics, he works with all desktop Java technologies, including Swing and Java 2D. He’s worked with graphics technologies from 2D to 3D and from applications down to the driver level. Chet holds an M.S. in computer and information sciences from the University of Oregon and currently works at Google.

The Infinite Emotions of Coffee

The Infinite Emotions of Coffee provides a contemporary prism of the drink that so much of the world takes for granted every morning. Readers will learn about the rich, mysterious and often amusing history of coffee; discover the latest hotbeds of coffee and the complex issues facing the coffee industry today.

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