Lauren Leader-Chivée, Alysia Reiner

Crossing the Thinnest Line

Lauren Leader-Chivée, Alysia Reiner

Talk: Crossing the Thinnest Line

At the heart of America's current social conflict are fundamental questions about our values as a nation. What does it mean to be American? When will women be fully equal? Should gays and lesbians have equal rights? Does racism still exist? What should we do about immigration? As one of the most diverse nations on earth, how can we live together peacefully and productively? Leader-Chivee passionately argues that we must find a way to make our multifaceted diversity an asset, or else it will continue to be our deepest and most painful source of strife. In "Crossing The Thinnest Line," she explains it is possible to bridge our divides and turn our differences into a source of ingenuity, innovation, and prosperity.

Lauren Leader-Chivée

Lauren Leader-Chivee is an author, activist, and an expert and adviser on diversity and women's issues. She was recently named one of Fortune's 50 Most Influential Women on Twitter. She is founder and CEO of All In Together, a nonprofit campaign dedicated to engaging American women in politics and civic action.

Alysia Reiner

Alysia Reiner, is an award winning actress, producer, mother, humanitarian, and outspoken environmentalist. She is best known for her role as Natalie "Fig" Figueroa in the Netflix comedy drama series, "Orange Is the New Black" and for writing, producing and starring in "Equity."

Crossing The Thinnest Line

From the very founding of our nation, diversity has been one of our greatest strengths but also the greatest source of conflict. In less than a generation, America will become "minority-majority," and the world economy, already interconnected, will be even more globalized. Will diversity be a source of growth, prosperity, and progress-or perpetual division and strife?

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