Kelsey Galaway

Combating Human Trafficking

Kelsey Galaway

Talk: Combating Human Trafficking

Kelsey Galaway is the founder and executive director of Willow International, an organization dedicated to eradicating the Global Human Trafficking epidemic. In this talk Kelsey discusses how Human Trafficking is a complex, networked problem that requires a networked solution. She brings context to how the modern slave trade has grown into a business with annual profits as high as $150B and shares the proven model she has built with Willow. Kelsey is joined by Shannon Rogers, who runs a donor circle and together they break down the traditional barriers of nonprofits competing for resources, and show how organizations and funders from all over the world are working together to create lasting impact.

Kelsey Galaway

Kelsey Galaway is t founder and executive director of Willow International. Kelsey lived in Uganda from 2010 to 2015 where she worked in the anti-trafficking effort and while there founded Willow - an organization that provides aftercare programs for survivors and is dedicated to the prevention of human trafficking.

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