Mark Maslin

Climate Change

Mark Maslin

Talk: Climate Change

Mark Maslin is Professor of Climatology at University College London and co-author of countless scientific papers, popular articles and books. His areas of scientific expertise include causes of past and future global climate change and its effects on the global carbon cycle, biodiversity, rainforests and human evolution. In this talk, based around his Oxford University Press book "Climate Change: A Very Short Introduction", Maslin provides a compelling introduction into the complex field of climate change for a non-scientific audience.

Mark Maslin

Mark Maslin is Professor of Geography at University College London and Director of the Environment Institute. He is the author of Global Warming: A Very Short Introduction.

Climate Change: A Very Short Introduction

Climate change is still, arguably, the most critical and controversial issue facing the world in the twenty-first century. In the third edition, Mark Maslin includes crucial updates from the last few years, including the results of the 2013 IPCC Fifth Assessment Report, the effects of ocean acidification, and the impact of changes to global population and health.

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