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Chef April Bloomfield

April Bloomfield

Talk: Chef April Bloomfield

April Bloomfield demonstrates smashed peas and roasted carrots at Google. Zagat Guest Chef April Bloomfield demos how to make a couple of recipes from her new book, A Girl and Her Greens - smashed peas on toast and roasted carrots with carrot top pesto. She and restaurateur Ken Friedman opened NYC’s first gastropub, The Spotted Pig, which went on to earn Michelin stars. She won the 2014 James Beard Award for Best Chef in New York City and was nominated for an Emmy for co-hosting the second season of the PBS show Mind of a Chef. Her new book, A Girl and Her Greens, is the follow up to 2012’s A Girl and Her Pig.

April Bloomfield

April is a native of Birmingham, England, she did her culinary studies at Birmingham College. Ruth Rogers and Rose Gray at The River Café was where she learned to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of food. The Spotted Pig has earned one star from the Michelin Guide for six consecutive years.

A Girl and Her Greens: Hearty Meals from the Garden

From the chef, restaurant owner, and author of the critically lauded A Girl and Her Pig comes a beautiful, full-color cookbook that offers seasonal recipes for a wide variety of vegetables. A Girl and Her Greens reflects the lighter side of the renowned chef whose name is nearly synonymous with nose-to-tail eating where she demonstrates the basic principle of her method.

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